Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO

Particularly in the early days of a business it is difficult to get proper informed advice. Ideally you want a Finance Officer or Director to help you, but not many can afford it at that stage of their journey.

So we decided to go a bit further than most accountants and provide a Virtual CFO service for SMEs.

For a fixed annual fee our principal David Cuthbertson will act as you CFO. This can be either as an appointed director or company secretary or just as a consultant.

Having had over 30 years’ experience of running his own businesses he is able to offer advice not just on the financial aspects of your business, but a whole range of relevant areas. He will be part of your businesses structure, attending management and board meetings and taking a general interest in all aspects of your business.

Clearly this type of close involvement is not for everyone, but it can and has added significantly to the growth of some of our clients.

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What our clients are saying

“David help me set up the business in 2011. At first it was just me and a half a dozen Gurkha Security guards. David’s advice in the early days was invaluable. Some of those early decisions have proved their worth over the next 8 years. The business now employs over 150 people with an annual turnover of £4m plus. David’s team act as our accounts office and David acts as our CFO and Company Secretary and is actively involved in all areas of the business from pricing contracts to HR.”

Nicholas Marshall-Lee

Managing Director, Belstone Management Services

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